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This is the Carrd of Dawntje

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Autistic, ADHD, Tourretes, born: 6/06/2004, Aroace, Furry, Animal lover, busy afCal, Pip, Abel, Hazel, Fig, Fenn, PinShe/they He/They They/them
Hello there! I'm Cal! I go by other names but Cal is my main one. I'm a twat from Flanders, Belgium. I'm an autistic teen who lives in the countryside, I do a crap ton of art and suffer from a lot of mental illness. I also swear, so watch out for that. Mostly due to having tourrettes. I'm not active on social media because I've really started to hate it. I speak both English and Flemish, whilst wanting to learn more.


Here's a bunch of my art

⚠️Warning for my art: It might contain gore, nudity, heavy themes of abuse and suffering and body horror.⚠️